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Accidental woman game

A ccidental W oman is an interactive fiction life sim game for adults. It's built using a customized version of the SugarCube 2 format for Twine, and can be played on most OSes. As a life simulation game, it's quite different from the more common choose your own adventure CYOA format found in many text-based games.

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Developer: ThaumX Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info.

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Accidental woman [v cheats]

Gameplay uses a mixture of play styles from two different approaches to life sim games. Those games seem to have the opposite issue, where it feels like too little control over the player character. Each week, players will be presented with a week planner to schedule certain activities and arrange social activities like dates or hanging out with friends. Most of the boring things like cleaning, shopping for groceries, and the like will be handled easily from the planner in exchange for time. Dates and get accidental woman game can be canceled during the week, and play as an event chain.

Work is mostly skipped except for story items. Outside of that, players interact with the world using a map system. Walk around downtown, visit stores, go to a bar, or whatever they feel like doing. Activities take time, and while the player can choose to stay out late, eventually they are forced to go home or to a bed, at least to sleep. At the end of the week is the week summary, which covers changes that happened during the week, like decaying or improving relationships, work performance, and health.

The process repeats again with the week planner for the next week. There will not be video or animated gifs in Accidental Woman for sex scenes or during normal play.

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Similarly, there will not be pictures for sex scenes either. Content will consist mostly of descriptive text, particularly sex scenes. The game Maps will have art no accidental woman game what, the actual top-down map view, as well as an image of the location. The game already has this in the Bullseye map, though substitute location pictures are being used. Pretty much everything. Different strokes for different folks. It would also add exponentially to development time to try and add in content for the wide list of more common kinks.

To reiterate OKAY: snuff, canibalism, pedoshit, rape, violence, torture, scat, etc. NOT OKAY: aliens abducting the pc and taking them to a sasquatch gangrape until mutant refugees from the zombie apocalypse arrive and eat everyone. This is actually a tall order. It would require extra writing in every sex scene, lots of extra writing elsewhere, and additional mechanics.

Having a male pc would be even more work.

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Lily is my way of adding some futa content without all the development of a PC futa option. When we reach the "fetish stage" of development, I'm planning on using polls to find out the most desired extras that aren't in the base content.

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So I won't say it will never happen, but it's also not likely. Some things have to be left out to meet a reasonable development schedule. In addition, I plan on using polls towards the end of development to determine what extra I should add within the planned timeframe.

Because long acronyms are fun, and it almost spells titties.

Accidental woman/other info/faq

There are a few different types of character customization, and the type of customization affects how the game will actually implement customization. Physical : Physical customization is easy, as parser functions allow describing the pc based on their characteristics. Using parser functions will make most physical attributes really easy to include.

Personality : This is the one that can become a real mess, and also why character creation has these items broken up into two groups.

Thaumx - accidental woman [v cheats] fantasy

There is your personality, and personality traits. Personality describes who your character is, while traits describe small aspects of your character. Personality has only 2 variables: Extroversion and Openness with Libido and Willpower being an important-but-different 3 and 4.

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It would take far too long. Have limited impact on the writing, usually related to small blurbs.

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These determine your mental health, and also what options are available for you. In many cases they work together to determine if certain options are available to you. A high-libido and low-willpower character will find willpower checks to stop a sexual activity more difficult.

Personality Traits: These are almost never used in the story content, with a few exceptions for when a particular trait is especially relevant.

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Mostly they are used to affect skills and skill checks. Skill checks are used to determine if a certain action is possible, or the odds of that action succeeding. Convincing your partner to go down on you requires a skill check. The difficulty of the check is based on the NPC.

Having a trait like persuasive can make the check easier. Some personality traits only or mostly affect game mechanics, usually how your mental health is affected by certain things. Yes, I know I was talking about not wanting to limit the player, AND how some things would limit the player in the same answer.

Accidental woman [ongoing] - version: cheats

I suppose it comes down to the difference between the ability to take an action, and the ability to have that action succeed. The sexuality thing will be tough until more is written, but it's intended as a literary effect. The pc just went through a mind-boggling and extremely disorienting transformation.

Rather than repeat variations of "I feel confused" the entire time, I'm using a little cognitive dissonance to make the players feel that confusion. The pc is legitimately attracted to men Monday night, swaps back to women on tuesday, and will keep flopping a bit through the introduction. Notice that the pc never mentions disliking a particular sex, just seems to be attracted to one more than the other.

Officially, the pc will be bi, or however the player plays her. There's no actual "lesbian or not" setting or variable.

Accidental woman [v cheats]

It'll make more sense a bit later when the pc talks to Lily about the confusion near the weekend. Bad ends aren't something that will pop up out of nowhere, so you probably won't be surprised by one. You definitely shouldn't be an "organ donor" when Lily asks, though. A bad end is planned to happen in 3 ways:. During open map play, you can change to a new outfit in your bedroom.

The stats or attributes of a piece of clothing are based on its style, substyle, fabric, and to a lesser degree color. However, these stats are not always the same.

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The style, substyle, fabric, and color do not add or subtract a fixed amount from clothing stat values. Instead, each has a weighted random range of values to add or subtract. This means that two otherwise identical clothing items are very unlikely to have the same stats. Basically, not all black satin demi-cup bras look the same. The price of clothing is based on the type of clothing and its attributes, and there is a multiplier to change the price based on the store. Pricing is done outside the clothing generator to allow for things like sales.

Currently, the price of clothing is based entirely on its stats, with no randomness, meaning that better clothing costs more.

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It's always possible to add some randomness later if desired. Exposure is a numerical value representing how exposed relevant body parts are.

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In the case of a bras, blouses, and overwear, this is how exposed the breasts are. The scale goes from 0-completely covered, to 5-completely exposed. The areas in between allow for different levels of exposure.

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Exposure is also affected by the "protection" a garment gives. An ultra sheer shirt may allow you to see everything, but wouldn't let you touch it directly, so doesn't have an exposure value of 5. In addition, exposure works based on the cumulative level of exposure for all the garments covering that part of the body. You can be wearing a cupless bra, and a transparent latex shirt, but your exposure level would still be extremely low if you were wearing a sweatshirt over those.

Unless you pulled the sweatshirt off, or hiked it up over your chest. Status is probably the neatest or most original mechanic when it comes to clothes in AW. Each clothing item has a range of possible status values based on the style, substyle, and fabric values.

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The status of a garment affects its primary stats. For example, a thin cotton tee-shirt would normally have a relatively-low exposure value, but could have that modified to be higher by being wet.

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A skirt could be hiked up, a shirt could be unbuttoned, panties can be pulled aside, or jeans could be unbuttoned, unzipped, and worn quite low. The value is coded to allow multiple status effects at the same time, such as being wet, torn, and unfastened all at once. I was kind of going with kids existing in the background, and not really affecting gameplay beyond a token impact to free time during the week. Having real kids, the last thing I want are digital ones to take care of. At the same time, I realize that it might be something of interest to some people.