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Big brother game walkthrough

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Big brother walkthrough & guide – all the opportunities

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Big brother: walkthrough & faq thread

Aug 5, 5, 25, Here there will be walkthroughs or link to walkthroughs. You will also ask any question on how to get X or Y scenes on here instead of the discussion. This is so we can separate these things and thus make it easier for people to get more info.

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User made walkthrough: 0. All Bellow this post or You must be registered to see the links. Log in or register now.

Big brother – walkthrough & all the opportunities

Spoiler: Tips and tricks 0. BB walthrough 0. Reactions: goodgreatD0n J0nviewerigo and 93 others.

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Respected User. Aug 8, 19, 12, Two ways to fail at this game. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content.

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GF bug fix. Last edited: Jul 8, Reactions: mr johngoodgreatD0n J0n and 94 others. Aug 11, 1, 2, The In depth walkthrough is a must read for all the newbies, as it helps to understands the game basics mechanics. Reactions: lsfjohnchriss99YLucifer and 8 others. Apr 29, 52 How to get the scenes where these pictures are used: e-beric-3 e-ea-pun-1 e-mass-1 e-mpr-3 e-opendoor-mom-dr-x.

Big brother walkthrough & guide – all the opportunities

Apr 8, 18 Reactions: Draigowolf. CS Newbie. Apr 30, 37 Can someone answer a question. Can you only have sex with your aunt once? I tried to talk to her the next weekend but there isn't anything to talk about. How do I have sex with her again? Full on penetration, not just a blow job while she ride a dildo. Reactions: burnupguy.

Big brother walkthrough v by troopjunior

CS said:. Hyaenidaemax Member. Aug 12, Reactions: theshamwow. TCMS said:. Reactions: sukamulya. Okay thanks. Can you have sex with anyone else?

Big brother walkthrough & guide – all the opportunities

Or has that not been implemented yet? All I've been able to do is get a BJ from Alice.

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Kratos New Member. May 1, 9 0. AkitoH Active Member. Mar 13, Kratos said:. AkitoH said:. The sensual massage is different from the regular massage. When Max talks to Kate to convince the mom about same sex relationships That's like the 5th or so convo with Max and Kate at 2am when the Mom is staying with Eric for the night.

Big brother walkthrough v by troopjunior

She only comes by when the mom and Eric are out he will go to Kira to come up with the plan Opportunity "Cunning Plan". After a while she will come up with sensual massage and that's when the Online course unlocks itself. It's something you have to do continuously to raise the success level. Maybe it can be modded, but they deserve a well needed break.

Last several hours have been chaos.

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Ah ok, I still haven't met Kate, do you have to start a new game to unlock her? Where do you massage Alice after completing the sensual massage course? And what do cheat do you need to use so that you won't get sent to the military? Last edited: May 4, Reactions: Dencest. Reactions: mikebutnotreally. Yevaud6 Well-Known Member.

Big brother – walkthrough & all the opportunities

Aug 25, 1, What triggers learning sensual message, did I screw it up by using the message cheat? I went through all the classes after applying cheat just in case it was triggered off the lessons Not sure what to do here, but I'm in early enough days I definitly wouldn't mind resetting too badly.

Yevaud6 said:. Reactions: Yevaud6. I mentioned it on the last. You must be registered to see the links. Reactions: joyson Aug 7, I cant play the game yet. Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.