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Elana champion of lust game

Elana Champion of Lust is a Patreon funded visual novel game that is divided into chapters.

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This time took us a little more than usual but this world is a little more than usual with a little more crazy stuff than usual. After all, Rala is in it.

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New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews The game that got me into adult independent games, bares a lot of similarity to the early flash animation games. If you like that kind of artsyle it is definitely a game for your. The writings in chapter 1 and 2 are also very good imo. Chapter 1 was more like and adventure style. The higher cost of the action the more likely you would get caught but you got more lewd experience for it. You messed up you had to fight and win or get arrested escape and lose some exp.

Elana champion of lust chapter 2 v apk for android free download

But forget it if you liked chapter 1 because it turned into a damn crap strategy puzzle game. No longer was it a fun easy to play game Try to guess what skill action will affect the person. Oh and every person you click on has 3 or 4 other people each with a different name.

All the character building and experience you got in Chapter 1 is all gone.

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Instead of adding new skills you just lose all skills except 2! With them 2 you have to find a single person that will be affected by that skill. It's like hunting a needle in the haystack! I got so sick of seeing the message the person is bored and unimpressed! And if you can't find a single new person to influence you get no experience to buy new skills!

What a load of crap! The game turned out to be WORK and no longer a fun romp. To change the entire genre of the game into something completely else in chapter 2?

Elana champion of lust

Seriously game went from fun to damn work. When you change the entire premise of the game in a chapter that game goes into my crap list. For all I know Chapter 3 may have entirely changed also! Changing style of play is so wishy washy. It would be like going to a store buying an adventure game and part way through it. Over the course of 3 chapters, this game has supplied great artwork, a solid story, and generally fun gameplay all around. While this game doesn't have the best art around, or the best story, or really the 1 in any category, what it excels in is not really having any real weakpoints.

There's nothing in the game that actively frustrates me and makes me wish it was done differently; in fact, I can't think of a single complaint that's not nitpicking off the top of my head right now.

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For a game in this genre, that speaks miles. Give the game a try, it's worth it. Review mostly of Chapter 1: Hidden behind a grindy game layer is a gem of naughty mini-stories Once you realize you can use cheats to always succeed at your actions, the grind becomes bearable.

Then explore the NPC interactions. Then go back to sleep in your Forest nest. You don't want to raise a location's percentage too much in one go, since you want to follow each NPC's story development one step at a time.

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I don't know, those are examples. But you're rewarded with things like a tavern waitress starting out by slapping anyone pinching her bum, progressing through good-naturedly laughing off the attention, to not minding getting finger-fucked. Or the herbalist in the Forest: stern at first, then helping her apprentice, and finally relieving his hard-on by the new technique of "sitting on it".

There's even special NPCs that have a puzzle element to it.

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To please the elf Bard sisters you need a musical instrument, and so on. Chapter 2 comes off as a lazy sequel, where the writer doesn't give a fuck. SOme NPCs are incongruously already corrupt, ruining my immersion. I didn't like that nearly as much. He even prevented my strategy to get to the content without grinding NPCs respond only to physical or magical actions, not both.

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Art: The de of the game is odd, but in a good way. My only complaint is that it's a bit tame in terms of fetish content, but that is up to personal taste. Story: For once, the sex focused nature of the game is consistent with the setting and theme of the story. The main complaint would be the lack of a true story arh for the main female, it's her story, and they could explore her personal arc more.

Gameplay: The main plus is that the game incorporates the pornographic content in every aspect of the game. Unlike many RPG games in the genre where the core gameplay is just standard, turn based, drink-a-potion garbage. The main negative is that it's grindy Developement: The first part of the game, that is a standalone game is.

Elana champion of lust, chapter 1(updated 05/27/)

The second part is being made a bit to slow, but the devs are posting regular updates and has shown no s of buggering of the state of this industry is in the gutter Was here during chapter 1. It has been a fine trip. The animations and art have a charm that makes them look so good.

The aesthetic of the whole game is set upon "corrupting" people who have forgotten what pleasure is. This is a really great game I recommend it to everyone reading this! Love the game, honestly surprised it doesn't get more attention.

Sure, in some ways the art can be a little jank, but I think their details on the stuff that matters is good, and all of the animations are pretty fluid. A ificant amount of well made content, especially for a completely hand drawn game.

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One of my favorite in-progress games. Bit of a grind, but there's a lot of art to see in Chapter 1 and a lot of decent writing backing it too. I wish they hadn't bothered with the combat minigame, it's glacially slow and unrewarding. Luckily you can mostly always flee out of it.

Graphics are idiosyncratic and there is some grinding but overall this game has great writing. Interesting and original artwork, creative gameplay. Showing all items.

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