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Escort games

Hardly anybody is looking forward to hard-to-navigate underwater levels, fetch quests, or escort missions.

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This site is operated by a business or businesses owned by Informa PLC and all copyright resides with them. Registered in England and Wales. One of the worst-received elements of game de over the years would be the dreaded escort missions. Chances are that everyone reading this has at some point played an escort mission in some form.

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Escort Missions are sections or levels in a video game where you have to saveguard a relocating NPCkeeping them alive through one or more challenges without getting killed or seriously hurt, or sometimes even touched.

Escort mission

This wouldn't be so bad, except that the NPC far too often suffers from unbelievable Artificial Stupidity : they die from minimal damagerun ahead into danger before you can clear it escort games, step into your line of fire, and otherwise act Too Dumb to Live. Missions not formally meant to be Escort Missions sometimes become them when you're saddled with aggressive NPCs whose survival is one of your victory conditions.

Most of the time, these NPCs are considered to be cast in a support role or otherwise allied to your cause from a plot point of view. It takes a bit of effort to do one of these levels well, but when they are, it can be amazing. One way to make them less annoying is to give the NPC some combat ability of their own. Notably, this trope is slowly becoming discredited and vanishing from modern games, after dev teams realized many people dislike these sorts of missions.

Escort game

A lot of the ones still showing up now tend to try and take precautions to reduce player frustrations. A middle path, found in some stealth based games with mechanics for carrying and hiding dead and unconscious guards, is to render the escorted NPC unconscious from the start and have the player carry it out of danger, using the aforementioned mechanics. Besides lifting the necessity to program an ally AIthis is much more convenient for players escort games don't have to worry about the NPC getting out of wherever they had hid them and into the line of fire.

If your charge is stationary, it is a Protection Missionwhich may be easier. If your charge must remain unaware of your presence or of any danger, it's a Stealth Escort Mission.

Can we fix escort mission game de?

If most of the game if not the entire thing is an escort mission, see Escort Game. For when you are being protected, see Reverse Escort Mission. If your charge is a group of animals that requires some gentle nudging in the correct direction, it's probably a Herding Mission.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. This one's about protecting, not killing. Action Adventure. Rather brief compared to most examples of the trope due to how short the walking distance is, but in the Dark World, Link finds the missing swordsmith turned into a frog and trapped behind some heavy rocks which he can lift with the treasure from the dungeon north of there and has to take him back to his shop in the Light World.

Another brief one is the old man on Death Mountain whom you lead home after he loses his lantern. The disguised thief Blind has elements of an escort mission. One of the rare examples of the player escorting an enemy boss. Two non-living examples: escort games one point, Link has the option to "escort" a locked treasure chest to a man who can open it, and later must "escort" a bomb to destroy a certain wall. Both of these are made slightly difficult because pressing "A" e. And if one is not quick enough, the bomb will explode.

There is also escort games monkey that is needed to open the Palace of Darkness.

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While not a horrible example of an escort, he does require 10 rupees to just have him follow you and another to open the palace. Compared to the other escorts, getting hurt does cause the monkey to run away. This means having to pay another 10 rupees just to get him back. Thankfully, there are about three enemies between finding the monkey and getting to the palace entrance, and it is possible to deny the monkey at first, then go ahead and kill the enemies before coming back.

Not only escort games you have to escort her, you had to carry her royal ass, making her literally The Load. But at least she doesn't take damage and you can throw her at enemies.

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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask has one if you save a ranch on the night of the first day. On the second night, you help a milk cart get to town, and must fight off two men from a rival ranch who try to attack the cart with your arrows.

Escort game

You have infinite arrows while doing this, allowing you to basically shoot the crap out of them the entire time, and you only fail the mission if they hit you three times and break all three jugs of milk. Success gets you entry to a bar, and some Marshmallow Hell. This then becomes laughably easy if you wear a certain one of the game's many masks. The attackers won't even do anything except ride after you.

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They are required to solve the temples and cannot be killed, but that doesn't make it any less annoying when a Floormaster grabs them and hauls them back a few rooms. At least they don't take them all the way to the beginning of the dungeon, as expected by Floormasters in most Zelda games.

Her mobility and intelligence leaves a lot to be desired, unmindful of whatever enemies are in her way, and she has only one heart of health.

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This is made worse by her having the ability to teleport which she used several times earlier in the game but now just chooses not to useas well as a glitch that can render her completely immobile if she falls from a height, forcing you to restart the entire level as well as face Vaati all over again.

Fortunately, it's a resilient little wagon. Un fortunately, the enemies drop bombs that blow hard enough to spook the horse off the path.

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Link has to escort three sisters to the safe spot where the fourth sister is. They give bad advice, scream and alert all the enemies in the area if they get too close to a Skulltula, and in general act like they're trying to sabotage you She can't defend herself Her weapons and armor were taken away from herbut she follows you at about the same pace you run, you need her help to activate switches, and because the monsters who are after her are very slow, there's nothing preventing escort games from taking her somewhere safe when they pop up, or temporarily leave her behind to do the stuff you can do on your own.

And even if she does get captured and you have to start again, you don't have to do the puzzles or kill the enemies again, provided you stay in the dungeon. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has you sneak past flying robots with searchlights with a Goron in order to fire him out of cannons at the Humongous Mecha controlling them. Problem is, if the robots notice you then Escort games Beast Vah Rudania will cause the volcano to erupt and send volcanic boulders raining down on your head.

Your escortee can use magic to protect himself while you aren't so luckyand will always run backward if either of you get caught forcing you to try to get him through again. In Hyrule Warriorssome scenarios or map squares have Messengers on your side that need to make it to one of your allied keeps to call for reinforcements. These messengers are beyond the level of Artificial Stupidity that the game usually displays and can barely make it to even the next-closest allied keep without your character practically holding their hands.

10 soul-crushing escort missions that’ll make you hate video games

The game likes to give you at least 3 of them at once, all running off to different directions, and immediately run smack-dab into the middle of a group of enemies that includes a captain monster that even your better allies can have difficulty defeating. Frequently, the message "Messenger is in trouble" will pop up before changing to "Messenger is in danger" rather fast. If you do happen to manage to get rid of the captain monsters and leaving merely the Cannon Fodder minions behind, the messenger will still be incapable of deciding to ignore the Cannon Fodder and just proceed the few steps left to safely escort games it to the keep.

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Instead, they refuse to move a single step and rather focus in trying to defeat the minions one by one, so to make them move you have to make sure to get rid of the captain monster as well as a good chunk of the minions before the Messenger with finally move again. During a chapter escort games Ghost Trickyou must help an imprisoned captive flee from a prison that endured a blackout.

You don't actually have to kill people, you just need to keep your ally out of the sight range of patrolling guards. But since you're a ghost, you will need to lead him into waypoints by pointing to these points, effectively making him them and eventually escort games in them. Involves climbing as well, but the character can handle it rather well despite his size. Honkai Impact 3rd features two different ones: One side mission in Theresa's side story Everlasting Memory requires you to protect Theresa from several waves of zombies and Honkai beasts as she slowly walks across the courtyard of St.

Freya's toward the main building. One possible Sakura Samsara mission is to find a "Red Fox Soul" wandering around the Sparrow Hill area and escort it into the nearby town, requiring the player to avoid entering battle until the soul enters the town's boundary.

Escort mission

If you do get into combat, the soul vanishes and you'll have to find it again and start the process over. One mission in Far Far Away puts the player in charge of escorting Cinderella through a shopping district, protecting her from an army of muggers. To get one snapshot in Walking The Path, the team has to escort Billy Goat to the end of a bridge, though this mission is much easier since you can defeat all of the enemies before doing so.

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Beat 'em Up. Samurai Warriors 3 Murasame Mode provides one of the most infuriating escort missions in the game. In the stage that is two away from the end, you have to escort Ayame to "safety" while fending off ridiculously over-powered mooks while she practically CLINGS to you and doesn't even lift so much as a finger to defend herself; to make it all escort games more frustrating, she runs away and you have to start over if her health is reduced to half.

Two levels in Yakuza 0 have Majima escort Makoto through the streets of Sotenbori to protect her from yakuza gangs that want to kidnap her. There are a of factors that make these missions not as frustrating as others: since Makoto is blind, Majima is pulling her through the city by the hand and thus the player is allowed to proceed at their own pace.

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The game adds in a bit of stealth as Majima and Makoto can hide in milling crowds to avoid non-scripted encounters with enemies, and a few of the scripted encounters have Majima give an oh-so-satisfying Neck Snap to some unsuspecting goods in a Quick Time Event. Driving Game. Driving the truck with the explosive crate in Driver.

10 soul-crushing escort missions that’ll make you hate video games

Fighting Game. One grating task involves fending off a barrage of nuclear missiles aimed at Akatsuki. He can't fight back, he only has a pitiful amount of HP, and he is subject to friendly fire rules, so bringing a mech with a Wave-Motion Gun is asking for trouble. Federation vs.

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Zeon in Campaign mode gives you these every now and again, and the escortee is always either big and unmoving God help you if you bring a beam weapon to defend escort games guys, half the damage it takes will be from you shooting it through your targetsor fast but extremely easy to kill. On the plus side, this isn't some sort of Fake Difficulty on the part of the player - you get just as many missions where you're tasked with destroying columns of these sorts of targets, and they're just as fragile as they would be under your care, making these some of the more fun missions.

Imagine having a defenseless 'ally' who stands still and dies in a single hit.

Quest (video games)

Imagine having at least two enemies focused on beating the crap out of him from every angle, and starting on either side of him. It was quite common for the mission to end before the first second was even over. First-Person Shooter. No One Lives Forever parodies this in a escort games Escort Mission with a nearly blind and nearly deaf NPC so oblivious that he doesn't even realize he's being escorted, even when enemies start shooting at him from mere feet away. Since he doesn't realize he's in a firefight, he doesn't bother taking cover. Even worse, he'll often walk straight at enemies thinking the sound of their shells bouncing off the floor is a dime.

In addition to having a penchant for running aimlessly into walls, the President is also commonly killed if the player doesn't first escort him to an escape pod before attempting to complete another mission objective While the player is aware that the explosion is dangerous, the President, on the other hand, does not.