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Finding miranda game walkthrough

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Welcome to Saving Chloe Walkthrough and Endings, where we will provide you the full walkthroug to get all the possible endings of the game, all the achievements and all the scenes. But there are 9 endings, and you will reach one or another depending on your choices. So yes, if you want to reach all possible endings you need a walkthrough, and we will provide it to you so you can get them all:.

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Finding miranda walkthrought

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Finding miranda walkthrough

Discussion Reviews 2. First Prev 2 of 8 Go to. Aug 7, 1, 2, Tarasia said:. Deleted member Active Member. Nov 23, If you want a brilliant story backed up with great graphics. Just start playing. But to be fair, if you never played any of the games, i would first start with those. Dreaming with Elza and Redemptionm for Jessika. Silver Regular Donor. Aug 5, 2, They made it public xD because it's everywhere now.

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You must be registered to see the links. The vast majority of you are wonderful people. I am humbled by your loyalty and support. A few of you, however, are scum.

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Multiple people have ed Finding Miranda to file sharing sites. There's a serious amount of disrespect there, but there's also quite a bit of greed.

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Because I haven't made the game publicly available, these people are able to use it to drive traffic to their illicit sites. I'm losing sleep over this. I am so heartened by the bulk of you who supported me for 11 months expecting no reward other than my thanks and a chance to play the game early. I don't want to take anything away from you, the good people, but I have to try to remove the crooks' profit opportunity.

Miranda walkthrough

So, I'm going to release the game to the public earlier than I said. Right now, in fact. Aug 5, Basically got viral Davidreiter Poison Dwarf Respected User. Aug 5, 9, I find 3 endings at the moment and a bunsh of variability at chose date. But didnt managed to get the 3some. Sep 17, 48 Although comparing this to others games by them would be wrong, but I can't help myself and end up doing the wrong thing. I found this one weak as compared to the their other games.

No, no. Its not cause of the 'hype'.

Finding miranda walkthrough

But I guess its cause the replay factor was, for the lack of a better word, forced, at least in this one. Dreaming with Elsa didn't have any other 'ending', was a straight shoot.

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Redemption of Jessika had two 'ending', the replay factor gave you a completely different story arc depending on the choices. I don't mind if the game doesn't give me a 'choice', actually its better that way cause I find that the narrative can be more tied up without any loose ends, like in Dreaming with Elsa.

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I don't mind if the game gives me 'some' choice, but that choice actually matters and changes the narrative completely, like in Redemption of Jessika. What I don't like is the, for the lack of a better word, illusion of choice that in the end makes hardly any 'impact' on the narrative, and just gives me different scenarios of the SAME narrative, whether I go for a picnic or a race, still is the same thing, its a date, for example in Finding Miranda.

Tlaero and Mortze, IF you're reading this, you guys are awesome and your work rocks! You tried something new, didn't hit with this fan, but I'm sure your next one will knock my socks off. Keep at it, till then I'll pull my socks up, getting myself ready for the next adventure in your narratives. Reactions: Alfre4uJokerwareArcane and 1 other person. JohnRobinson Member. Nov 16, JohnRobinson said:. Reactions: TeflonNinja and JohnRobinson. Reactions: JohnRobinson. Aug 6, 7, 37, It is written by a woman.

Finding miranda walkthrough and endings (tlaero & mortze)

And many of her patrons are women, too. She even made the program she uses to put the game together. SteelNight Member. Sep 14, I don't know why this game took 11 months to do. Or why their other game is taking forever. Seems like they are getting more money than they might be deserving on that front. Vdategames comes out with games at a steady 6 month clip per artist with similar or more complexity.

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Reactions: supermanz95 and Silver. Reactions: supermanz95 and JohnRobinson.

Finding miranda walkthrough and endings (tlaero & mortze)

Silver said:. You are correct. I saw she has stated one of the reasons why she got into the game development was the fact the games make it looks okay to the player to have sex with the drunken girls or something similar, I don't exactly remember I am sure there must be other reasons too.

I think it's difficult to come up with a better storyline when the person is restricted to certain kind of ideologies.

Finding miranda walkthrough game

I guess that's why I didn't like any game in patreon except pandora. But now she will also help mortze doing pamdora 2 so TeflonNinja Newbie.

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Aug 19, 41 SteelNight said:. Reactions: r3nown. TeflonNinja said:.

Finding miranda walkthrought

If I recall my history, tlaero started writing on Shark's Lagoon in reaction to vdategames' productions. Vdategames is barely above MeetNFuck's level.

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The graphical quality isn't complete garbage and they're ok if you want frustrated faps because you failed to intuit the of, say, buying one arbitrary item over another to gift to your date, but otherwise the story and development are usually awful. At this point I just jump straight to the gallery for vdategames productions. Aug 9, Reactions: muttdoggy. TouCannon New Member. Nov 11, 2 0.

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Tlaero and Mortze is great, these games are the best.