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Developer: Adam and Gaia Consider supporting the dev if you like the game and want them to do what they love. Click on dev's link for more info. In the ancient age of myth and legend a horrid war between Man and Elves led to the near annihilation of all sapient life. Now the lonesome goddess Gaia awakes the last male in hopes of resurrecting the world.

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Adam and gaia

New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter Faldir Start date Nov 9, 2dcg adventure animated combat fantasy furry harem incest male protagonist management monster girl pregnancy real porn rpg turn based combat. Discussion Reviews Prev 1 … Go to .

Adam and gaia [finished] - version:

Go to. First Prev 23 of Go to. Oct 31, 95 Beornwahl said:. Didn't know of Strive for Power, neat!

Adam and gaia

I looked into qsp as a possibility too, but it indeed is burdensome engine. If you haven't quite given up the thought of your project then Twine can be recommended for accessibility. Reactions: Faldir. Faldir Active Member Game Developer. May 7, Cl said:. You could help with giving full sentence of the typo. It will help when using search tool.

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Example from your quote edited to make typo : Oh, and awesome gam, man! Appreciate the stories,really adds to the world. Oh, and awesome game, man! Squib said:. Reactions: Squib Altarin Member.

An excellent twine game to remind you of every text based cult title

May 21, Cl Newbie. Jun 8, 48 Altarin said:. That sound like an old bugs. Did you use latest update.

Adam and gaia [v ]

If you have, can we ask for your save file? Use save to disk option. It would make checking it a lot easier. JackTheJacker Newbie. May 2, 43 If i cut down the tree during the explore, i destroy them all or they keep appearing later, like the offerings on the nothern region? Edit: looks like it was still an older version even though i was playing on the 1. Last edited: Nov 20, Aug 31, Picking the second rank in building a relationship with your daughter seems to negate the other perks because it takes me 5 talks to get their personality, where it took at most 2 before the second relationship boost perk.

Humlebien Active Member Donor. Nov 15, I give this game 5 out of 6 Holgers. Are there any other games like this one? QuadChroma Newbie Donor. Jun 13, 56 So, I'm having a lot of problems with image files. Evidently there are a lot of case mis-matches. Humlebien said:.

Adam and gaia - porn game download

QuadChroma said:. Reactions: pronowmurkamk1QuadChroma and 1 other person. Is he there? I really want him to be there. In stone form. Not touching my bitches!

Adam and gaia [finished] - version:

Of course he is there!!! What sort of Dane do you think I am!? He is found as an encounter in the northern Mountain region, and gives the player the sword Cortain. I'm working on making the game more Linux friendly. With the help of pronow, many of the paths should be fixed in next update.

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Reactions: pronow. Jul 4, 7 7. Some ideas - Fingers crossed, Ava Addams be added to the game as either Rheia's sister or first born?

Adam and gaia [v ]

Also, there's an element to Breeder's Haven, where if you acquire the right combo of girls, it can trigger scenes that include both of them. Maybe that can be worked in. Lastly, maybe a way to focus on breeding certain traits - physical or personality. Demiare Active Member. Sep 16, Elven waifus - when?

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Nothing will please me more as making some elven maiden I've had to make a bunch of symlinks - which is making it behave reasonably well for now. I really like the game and look forward to your updates to the story.

Adam and gaia [finished] - version:

One question: I notice the fetish actions cumslut, buttslut, 3some, impregnate, dominate, titjob dont show up all the time. What is the trigger condition for that?

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Demiare said:. Reactions: lazytrini and HB Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.