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Once you have passed the moderation period think of it as a testyou will be able to post normally, just like all the other retards. Sep 16, Stats Ignoring. Brofist x 1 Funny x 1 Agree x 1. ed: Dec 27, Messages: Location: Why are there so many of my country here?

Slave maker revised v

Sep 17, Stats Ignoring. There are a lot of japanese games like slave maker with the most prominent being Kiss's Custom Slave and Maid series. The genre name is Raising Simulator which is a subset of Simulation genre.

There are also some Flash games similar to Princess Maker but I can't remember the name. Tick Tock Crocodile Guest. I gave the Russian thing an evening. Every place has a purpose, every NPC a location where you can find them at any time.

Slave maker

In order to rent a place in a district, you need a working relationship with the district's nobles, and once you have that, you can move here and there as you like. Each house seems to be straight upgrade from the next, though, so you don't have to put much thought into it besides 'Can I afford it? Unlike PM2 and all iterations of SM, there seems to be no time limit -- you can keep training a slave for games like slavemaker long as your money lasts you. I want to say this is a bad thing, because again there's something that just invites a lack of pressure, but I think the way this game is done doesn't allow for pressure anyways.

Unlike SM, you're not incentivised to do the best that you can with your first few slaves to build up cash; in Jack-O-Nine, churning out a ton of D rank slaves in the beginning to build up a bit of capital is a viable and probably the best strategy. It's more realistic, of course, and it means you take longer to become a god, but the problem seems to be that you go from churning out D ranks so you can buy more stuff so you can churn out C ranks so you can buy more stuff so you can churn out B ranks.

Girls are just a list of traits, and once you're familar with them, there's nothing special to take into consideration from one to the next. You could say the same about PM2, I suppose, but then PM2 gave you the character that was to receive your best effort right off the bat and, crucially, only the one.

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This goes back to my problems with the amount of vanilla slaves in SM -- I really believe that, if your raising sim is going to involve raising more than one character, each character needs to be different in a meaningful way. Or, if we're not being idealistic, at least a good portion of them. This is probably a long way of saying that the dream slaver game might have mainly this thing's execution and detail -- the way it approaches mental and physical health, relevance of appearance and anatomy etc.

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No bugs or repetitive random event bullshit, but with the special endings, difficulty and custom rates of growth for certain skills because again, I believe there's no point in making this type of game have more than one character if each can't force you to play the game in a different way than the one before? I wish I could cherry-pick the best bits from each and just mush them into one game, I really do. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 17, Agree x 1. ed: Nov 14, Messages: Sep 18, Stats Ignoring. I probably shouldn't post here, should I. Oh well, social awkwardness is my superpower.

Academagia didn't actually influence Magical Diary. We were both working on magical school sims at the same time, and discovered that while chatting with each other before release.

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Academagia did influence Long Live The Queen, though. If you look closely at the de you can see LLTQ probably gets more from Academagia than it does from Princess Maker, but it superficially looks like Princess Maker so people call it a clone. No, Cute Knight is a clone, there's a difference.

I've never made anything too directly like Fatal Hearts again because I'm just not good enough at adventure game de to do all those different kinds of puzzles and polish them really well on my own, which is why games like Date Warp and Black Closet focus more on a single mechanic rather than trying to invent a million different things half-assedly. And then some players complain that they don't want puzzles in their VNs at all, but eh.

Anyway, as for other games to look into, branching out a little further I'm sure you've seen PrincessRL.

Customize the game’s setting and build your perfect slave maker

Have you played Royals? I never have but people kept reccing it to me. Littlewitch Romanesque has stat-raising but you don't actually get to use the spells to do anything fun other than raise more stats and take part in fixed cutscenes which mostly exist to make little girls flash their panties.

It is not the RPG it looks like, don't be fooled. If you enjoy downloading and patching Japanese games into English, there's the Prince Maker Braveness translation which is even legal, iircor Koisuru Oukoku. Have you tried the more complicated text games like Sorcery! The Sorcery adaptations add quite a lot on top of the original gamebooks, and reward many different playstyles.

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Lots of places to use your spells in clever ways. The devs of Academagia released a game that's more of a dating sim but still has some pretty complex mechanics, though again if you know of them you probably already know about Scheherazade. Off the PC, I've been told Trillion: God of Destruction has some raising sim similarities but while I own a copy I haven't gotten around to playing it yet. I don't expect it to be very Princess Maker-y. Brofist x 7 Informative x 3 Friendly x 1.

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I totally forgot about Littlewitch romanesque. If you are interested in a good mini-game and unlocking different scenes its the best of the bunch. It has some complexity as you are building a resource generating dice engine.

As for Russian stuff Defiler Wings you are raising a dragon, its kind of repetitive but you can actually mess up if you are playing retarded and overexert yourself.

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It also has a nice evolution system. Its a different take on the Raising sim genre from PM2. Its more about moving around the map. I'm not sure how far updated the Russian version is compared to the English version but you could add a lot more content and difficulty to that game and it would make it better as the core game mechanics works pretty well. It is moddable if an insane codexer wants to try.

Last edited: Sep 18, Goliath Arcane. ed: Jul 18, Messages: 17, Jul 3, Stats Ignoring. Informative x 1. Which PM is the best?


ed: Feb 24, Messages: 14, Jul 4, Stats Ignoring. Bit of a side tangent but Obviously there's no porn shit going on and there aren't nearly as many stats though more than is apparent, they have a lot of invisible stats governing behaviourbut it does have a similar feel of trying to indirectly influence something to become powerful.

The different monsters give things quite a bit of variety too, it's totally different trying to raise some eager to please games like slavemaker vs a lazy shit that throws tantrums if you refuse it's requests or a battle maniac or something that just likes to antagonize you because it's a straight up dick, and the different priorities with different lifespans and apititude for fighting vs exploring ruins.

I'd recommend either MR2 or 4. There's a lot of stuff to do and unlock in both of those games, including a ton of monster variety. Plenty of the monsters are basically crap of course- nobody needs a monster with high magic attack power and no magic attacks it can use, for example.

But figuring out the best ones to use, breeding or searching for them, discovering new breeds through quests and events or winning tournaments, all that shit is pretty satisfying. Informative x 2 Brofist x 1 Thanks! Mortmal Arcane. ed: Jun 15, Messages: 7, Jul 6, Stats Ignoring.

ManjuShri Self-Ejected. Jul 13, Stats Ignoring. Never saw the cartoon as a kid? Jul 14, Stats Ignoring. It's a shame most people confused it with some sort of pokemon ripoff, it was a really awesome series. Friendly x 1. Show Ignored Content.

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