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Haramase simulator character guide

Do you want to impregnate anime girls? Do you get validation watching s increase to track made up stats?

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Can u give me guides for all the girls in the game. I have started but got stucked in finding routes.

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Thank you. I already send the money for dvd again and again then the criteria says explore suburbs, but still no of fuuko. What did i miss? I also already end couple week without play with another girl. Someone remind me how to unlock visiting Stephanie on her last week of pregnancy? That scene where she says she's about to pop was one of my absolute favorites.

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I had this unlocked in the version, and in the new one I've now got all of her achievements completed as of last week, but this week the nurse still turned me away at the door. I'm stuck with Kazumi, i got into the shower with her at the gym and i can't make any new root ooen.

I tried to injured myself but it did unlock her. Pls help. Guys for some reason none of the achievements are showing completed even tho I have seen them How can I complete her achievements so that I can proceed with her sister??

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I reached 24 impregnations with shiori but whenever I press talk, she only talks about the story as. I don't get the dialogue to invite her. How do I unlock this?? I don't think I unlocked the breast feed scene either, how do I do that. A subreddit dedicated to the eroge game Haramase Simulator. A game based around the impregnation fetish.

Haramase Simulator is a free game based around the impregnation fetish.

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The world's male population has been nearly wiped out, do you have what it takes to repopulate the planet? Your dick sure seems to think so! Happy first of April! Dev post self.

Hs-dev - haramase simulator [v] () (eng)

New to game self. Why misaki never let me visit the impregnant girl? Discussion self. Please anyone now how to fix it? This scene makes most of my achievement stuck. Need help of Fuuko self. Can i get some help with Michelle achievements pls?

Haramase simulator v

Thank you in advance i. Cant find Kazumi self. What is the cheat code?

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Rumine Story self. Stephanie and the Midwife question self. Pls help me the first achievement of Rumine self. I already unlock her but have no idea to have the first achievement. Kazumi Pls help me self.

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Kazumi self. Can someone list out complete list of Kazumi's scene I need to complete Kazumi's 5th achievement.

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Funally done it i. How to meet the character which pic i get in phone i. Wgich ootuon is betr? How to unlock the last achievement 'moonlight best girl' 1.

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Do she need to be pranmgnant i. Hello Guys. Feature Request i. Kazumi Stuck self.

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What are the condition for all Kiriya's achievement. Shiori achievement self. Michelle's Story self. Shiori to resort???? Help for Miyu self. Need help with Natsumi self.

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