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How to make rpg maker games full screen

Introduction As you know we are limited to px on width, so let's get the best out of it.

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There are many small games using rpgmaker build. Almost of them are xand can't change window size. I have tried some of them with dxwnd, no luck. Please tell me if this works. I tried with : 1.

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Is there a way to make the game full screen? Thread starter HWalsh Start date Jul 18, HWalsh Villager.

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As in, I export a copy, and when people run it it goes full screen? I can get it to full screen while I am testing from the game browser but not if I export it.

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Zalerinian Jack of all Errors. I did that Zal, the game didn't full screen once uncompressed. Andar Veteran.

Galenmereth Retired. Zalerinian said:. Click to expand ZirconStorms Veteran.

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Is it possible to sharpen the pixels? The graphics look blurry.

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Kes Veteran. Mawichan Veteran.

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How or where did you paste the script? It's basically a plug n' play, perhaps you're having compatibility issues with other script?

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I doubt this is something you want to hear, but to be honest, it's best to let the players decide what resolution they want. Some people actually like the small window, besides, full-screen mode can become buggy in some people's computers, including the default full screen mode. Vlue has this nice script.

With this you can change the resolution with script calls. Just make an event that lists the options, or combine that script with Vlue's option menu and let the player choose between 3 options from a new menu scene. You must log in or register to reply here. Latest Thre.

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So, seeing as I need some motivation and feedback on my horror game project, I decided to release a preview build that contains the current progress. It's probably a little buggy and definitely not as polished as a demo or release would be, but I still implore you to check it out on Itch.

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Connected universes make me so happy I love seeing cameos or things hidden in the background from other parts of the universe. Now that the Touch the Stars jam is done, the real fun part starts: checking out the games! I need some suggestions for a starting place, anyone interested in some feedback? Steam seems down.

Can't update the game today. Spent the whole last month working basically everyday for some amount of time on One Final Wish my Touch the Stars game and today I can finally just It feels great but also I want to get right back into working on Untold Story. Newest members. Forum statistics ThreMessages 1, MembersLatest member blacklagoon.

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