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Kyonyuu fantasy game

Welcome to the continent of Eurodia and the world of Kyonyuu Fantasy. The surviving demons retreated to Giropon Woods.

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Forgot your password? But there is no guide on vndb discuss and kinda feel pain in ass if open 1 by 1 on the title So can somebody tell to me, what the first and after that i need to read if i want to go to Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 Thanks. I'll actually advise against skipping FF2. Although I like Lute as much as any other person, I actually prefer Ruin FF2's Protagonist as the protagonist because he actively participates in the plot, rather than simply stumbling through sheer dumb luck. Some of the ways that he deliberately talks circles around his foes as well as around the heroines are also actually very endearing. I also prefer the heroines and the political landscape of FF2, but that's personal preference.

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Kyonyū fantasy (oav)

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