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Newlife is a lifesim game where the player is transformed into a woman in an improbable mad-science accident. As of November Newlife is fully playable but still needs extensive content to be added.

What is my age: I'm 40 years old
Caters to: Man
Eye tone: Warm green eyes
What is my gender: Fem
Favourite drink: I like to drink white wine
What I prefer to listen: My favourite music electronic

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I'm liking the sound of all of this, but there's one thing that bothers me. All of my favorite sex and dating scenes come from early in the date with an asshole, when he treats you like dirt. Is there any chance that in the future there will be a character trait, something like "unlucky", you can take that will cause people to be less nice to you? And maybe a character trait certain NPCs can have where they treat you nice early in the relationship or, combined with the asshole trait, nice-ishand then treat you worse as they "fall in love" with you?

Because that's the way it works in real life.

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Plenty of people act sweet in the beginning, but don't have their partner's happiness in mind at all, and treat them bad to keep them dependent. And some people just seem to have a string of bad luck all of the time, too.

Newlife [ongoing] - version: patreon

So, like if you had "unlucky", and the npc had "asshole" and "sociopath", then the relationship is gonna be shit all throughout, even if you get married? And even if you're real charming, friendly, nice and flirty, and they love all of that? Well, depending on what background you yourself choose you can "prolong" the men treating you like shit. That's the only way I've found to keep the men being assholes and stop them from falling in love with you. Doing so will lead to them disliking you as a person, but it wont stop them from trying to get into your pants if they think you're good looking enough.

Played around with 3. So far Newlife sex game loving it, keep it up SO, keep the rough sex coming. I think you need the low self esteem and plain face attributes for this to trigger. Anlu, I know about that, and usually pick plain faced and bitchy or shy, and avoid good character traits.

The latest public version of newlife is use one these links to download a copy.

But my fetishes lean more towards porn movies, where beautiful and nice, but flirty, women get treated badly, not the other way around. And if only a few NPCs did this plus the player character could just be really unlucky, and so get a bit of that from everyone it would be closer to real life too. Being beautiful and nice and charming and clever helps, but it's no guarantee that you'll be treated like a Disney princess, not in real life.

A lot of it still comes down to picking the right date, and luck. In real life some people treat you worse the nicer and more charming you are, or the more beautiful you are.

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Not a lot of people, but some people. Couldn't this be solved by an "ask him to be rough with you" option that has him act as if he dislikes you? Heck, this might even work with nice or romantic men, if you can pass a willpower or charm check to convince him to act that way.

Couldn't this be potentially solved by an "ask him to be rough" option, such that you can still keep an assholish guy that way while he still has feelings for you? Better that that was yet another option, not that it would replace the others.

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It adds to the realism, and fun. And there wouldn't even need to be any extra flavor text for any of it unless Splendid Ostrich just wanted to.

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It would just require changing the order of the flavor texts. I think it would be neat if it had the "ask him to be rough" option as a direct counterpart to the "ask him to be more gentle" one, which also considers the traits of the guys when it comes to possible responses.

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Enthusiastic dialogue from a guy who's been told to be more vigorous I think would work better than the meek apologies or malicious insults that can result when using the "be more gentle" option. To the anon: Pretty much all men with the "asshole" trait will treat you like this at the start before they fall in love and mellow out. Mainly I choose selfish men or assholes newlife sex game on my mood when I start a new game, that combined with the psychic trait from the cheat menu gives me a lot more room to customize the game to suit me and my own preferences.

The problem for me, was to find a way to keep them being assholes. The only way I found was to treat them in the same way. This could only be accomplished if your character was good looking enough or hit enough of their fetishesbeing "plain" mostly made them dislike you and not turned on enough to even want to try to get into your pants, even if you throw yourself at them.

During my games, I've found one or two npc:s which really stood out though, they just hated you from the start, even when I tried everything to get them to like me, the refused even to dance with me, even if I dressed and acted to meet their specifications, so I'm guessing there are some hidden stats as well. To the anon 2: Yep, for plain characters with low self esteem will speak like this when talking sexy, the doggy-style scene really does takes it to another level though. Not going to spoiler any fun though. That would be a really nice addition.

Now all we have is "asking him to be gentler" action. Which by the way for the anon above works in the opposite way if he dislikes you, then his actions are even more aggressive and rough instead.

The "pulling him into you" action will sometimes trigger him to be more rough and aggressive guessing it's happens more frequently for the vigorous and enthusiastic lovers. Talking sexy and NOT complaining when he does handles your character roughly, also does seem to help a small bit in this regard So having the option to "encourage" the npc:s to be mean and rough while having sex in some other way than I described, is a great idea.

The whole point for me is NPCs that want to marry you so they can keep you around and abuse you for a lifetime.

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People like that exist in real life you know, not everybody falls in love and has their heart thawed by your warm smiles or whatever. Actually narcissistic people tend to be more abusive to those that they find attractive and admirable and sexy and interesting, and the more they fall in love the more abusive and controlling they get, that's in real life.

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And that's what I find sexy in my porn which, by the way, most porn for men leans at least a little or heavily in that direction. I want to play a nice, sexual, beautiful, shapely, friendly, outgoing girl with low self-esteem and willpower who is unlucky and so gets treated like dirt by everyone, who settles down and marries and starts a family with a man who's afraid of losing her and so treats her like dirt so her self-esteem is so low she thinks she deserves to be treated that way and that he's the only man that could love her.

That's what I want. I don't know why that's so hard to understand. Anymore I quit playing the game as soon as the guys start acting nice. That's just the way it is. It's not a criticism of the game, it's just me telling my opinion of what I would like. I don't know why everyone has to keep correcting me. I want to "win" and marry a complete fucking dick who likes his sex extremely rough and degrading, who takes me to the porn theatre and tells me I'm a bitch and tells me I'm only good for sucking his dick, when we're married with 3 kids, even though I desperately try to make him newlife sex game and please him.

It's what I want. If you don't like it, well that's why it's opinions, boxes that you can check, or leave unchecked.

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I don't know why you don't want it to even be an option. There could even be a disclaimer and an option to leave those completely out of the game for people that hate them, so you can't get them on the random mind traits, I don't care.

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If you hate that stuff, then leave it out, but I want it. When I masturbate I don't masturbate to me being a nasty bitch who has a super nice guy cuck of a husband who only likes gentle sex in the missionary position and who takes me out to Olive Garden and plies me with compliments and thanks me when I cheat on him. If that's what you like, fine.

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Is it ok with you if I don't like that? I don't think anyone's going to object to you not liking Olive Garden. A "masochistic" trait might suffice nicely. It could even convert cold guys into cruel ones, and other guys into cold ones, moving all or most NPC's one level crueler.

There's a ton of conditions, but as a starting point: you can't have the "nice" trait, you can't have encouraged him by being flirty or suggestive, and you need to have increased your fitness skill. Loved the doggy style sex scene, I'm glad you decided to put it in the game as a result of the Prove me Wrong.

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Best of luck. What newlife sex game did having multiple guys available for the treasure hunt cause? ly if you ended up finding trouble with a pencil neck or a lardo you could always wait and see if next time you pulled a buff dynamo more suited for adventuring. All the "progress" that got tracked between events had been assuming it was always the same npc - there were several places where this was an issue, but the most blatant was that you could reminisce on your successful treasure hunt together with a man you'd never had the event with before.

Besides, I think hunting for treasure at night in an industrial wasteland should be a bit of an unusual thing, rather than being standard practice for all the Interesting npcs out there! I'm wondering when we will be able to do it with two partners. Or with girls. But what gets me most curious; is if there will be more submissive positions, or maybe even possibility to ask your partner to take you in one of submissive poses.

Lesbian content will come, but not especially soon - the friendship update needs to be complete first and then it'll come down to a vote on which major update gets done next. If by more submissive positions you mean things like bondage, then that's the sort of thing that's only really likely to show up as patron-requested content, although I did do the "boss strapped to a couch" scene without being specifically requested to, so I suppose I might get inspired for more stuff like that.

Minor issue: if you take the female start, visit Ivy, then use the describe people button, Ivy will still be described as having transformed you into a woman. Thank you! No more annoying wrestling matches :P.