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Second happiness game

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Download porn game second happiness – version

Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews Aug 6, 7, 37, Overview : The main character, an year-old man, decided to try and be the man of the house.

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His new mom gave him this idea, and she is the one he is interested in the most. There are many pretty women in the game, and sometimes they too give in to the charm of MC's insolence.

Second happiness v [android]

Log in or register now. Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, Reactions: RykonatebibaranMartushka and others. Oiz I am not Bloo, cause Bloo is a cunt Modder. Aug 5, 1, 4, About this game: English translate from VNorth IGY 18 years, decided to try himself in the role of "chief" in the house.

This idea came from the SG feed his new mom, it most and he is interested in. SG easily deceived man and therefore under his insolent "charm" can sometimes get other female characters, but still did not get Info : 1. Scene, Night penetration to the older sister. And not a lot of detail is not essential.

Russian national, English not full machine. Reactions: HillDwellermy5tyfixxReality Mode and others. Ventrusoul Newbie. Oct 15, 89 Reactions: BungeeLove. KingsRaiden Well-Known Member. Jan 4, 2, 1, Oiz said:. I think after reading this description I know less about the game, than second happiness game.

Last edited: Mar 14, Reactions: makcimBungeeLovemeanoldman and 6 others. Papa Ernie Squirrel!?

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Dec 4, 12, 39, I am sort of in the mood for a train wreck. Reactions: korkmaz1SteveusprimeusEddie Vallient and 4 others. Feb 25, 1, KingsRaiden said:. Second happiness game its a Russian built game we might be "getting the cancer" I'm wary of downloading a 0. Ok this did not disappoint. It's a Renpy game, so you can activate the Console and Dev Menu in the normal way.

It's all in Russian, there is an English option at the beginning, which opens up the English Menu, at least one English option I had the patience to click to, and the English stats in the upper left. Yup, that's it. No translated story, so I wasn't sure what use that really gives having English for the minor parts. Images are interesting, some watermelon boobs, one girl with a lip piercing, and some scene about a girl peeing behind a bush. Can't tell what the story is, since its all Russian, so far it seemed like a VN with minimal options but there are a lot of images in the Dev Menu.

If you just want those, it might be your best bet. Woo woo!! Adoringfan Well-Known Member.

Dec 17, 1, 2, Google translate is a puzzling language, I have no idea what you are supposed to do in this game. Do you raise the impudence stat, or do you lower it? Is smartass a good stat or a bad stat? Also the fact that every time I leave my house with 1k in my pocket I get attacked is a little ridiculous, I swear they have an inside man tipping off these thieves.

I am no expert of Russia but I don't think 'talk nonsense' coaxes any girl second happiness game let you in her panties. Alright let's get down to it: the bitches at the beach cheat so bad at volleyball! If you win 3 games in a row without letting them score there is no benefit whatsoever, and Maya, your teammate, is actually working against you and will spike the ball backwards with her ass with no remorse. Laura is a psychic bitch and somehow will travel across the void if you ever try to steal her money, doesn't matter the time of day, she knows and will get you. I hate this feature, I think Oblivion had this or Fallout 3, one of them had psychic guards that, even if they didn't see you commit a crime they knew!

Why am I giving the woman, who I assume is supposed to be the mom a thousand monies a day? Is she buying drugs? How does she spend so much so quickly? Working makes no sense and eats up the entire day so you can't have any puzzling interactions with the aliens living in your household.

I am not sure if slapping Lala in the butt when she is dancing is meant to be encouragement or if the MC is just an asshole, which is typical in any of these incest type games. What is the point of school, is it just there to eat time? Being lazy seems to net me points, whereas paying attention won't net me any points so dunno which I should be doing because google translate is not a language I am familiar with.

All that being said if you want to play a game where aliens pretend to be humans and fail in a dramatic fashion this might be the one for you.

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Reactions: mofonistikJimbo Browneparceload and 14 others. Not had any crashes myself, but what you described was the intro, which appears untranslated. The game has translation, but not very good.

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No idea how much content there is, but wouldnt expect much for first release. Mar 6, 57 It might have content, but I didn't see much other than light touching, or spanking your dancing sister. Last edited: Mar 15, Aug 8, 1, How do I stay awake?

Whenever I sleep in the mothers bed I always fall asleep. You can fuck her while she's sleeping in her mouth and pussy. I like stuff like that that sleep rape vibe you know. Aug 6, Former Staff.

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Aug 16, 2, 15, I didn't play too much into it, and the intro Russian just went on and on I didn't get much of it, especially afterwards or know what to do when I played a bit more. I did find out if you cheat with money or stats after a certain point there is some detector that notes "Cheats detected! Reactions: Master of Puppets.