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Sex wars game show

Sex Wars is a game show where two teams of the opposite sex compete to correctly answer questions. There are four rounds.

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Each team was asked two questions with four answers. Three of the answers were correct, while one of them was wrong. The wrong answer to each question was called the "Land Mine". Team members would take turns picking answers. Each time a correct answer was picked, the team would score 5 points. If the team picked all three correct answers before they picked the "Land Mine", they would score a 5 point bonus.

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Sex Wars was an American television game show that pitted two teams, one consisting of men and one consisting of women, against each other; hence, the show's name was derived from that.

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The show was co-hosted by Jennifer Cole and J. American U. TV televised televisions. This game mechanic was similar to one used on Trivia Trap in the first half of its run.

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The show's website conducted a series of surveys for both men and women, with up to ten answers used a la Family Feud. Wipeout original American series original US format. The two teams alternated back and forth declaring how many answers of the ten they could give similar to both the Challenge Round on Wipeout and the Bid-A-Note round on Name That Tune.

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Questions were worth ten points up until the final question, which was worth twenty-five similar to the scoring system used in the second round on The Newlywed Game. Hello Mother, Goodbye!

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Bonaduce guest-starred with J. Roth with whom he would later reunite for Breaking Bonaduce on a celebrity episode of Sex Wars. American game show.

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Game show 1 vs. Broadcast syndication The Dr. Oz Show Dr.

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