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Sexed games

My friends and family are trivia geeks of all flavors. From Star Trek to baseball, they do love the details.

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By Zach Eisenstein and Jennifer Driver. Right now, as families across the country follow recommended social distancing guidelinesparents and children are spending a lot more time together at home. And while there is an incredible amount of uncertainty during these times, there are also some important opportunities. With nationwide school closures, many parents, and even some older siblings, are finding themselves taking sexed games a new role: teacher. But they will certainly apply the knowledge and skills they should learn through sex ed. Thanks to the variety of credible, online sex education resources, parents are better suited to serve as substitute sex educators than they might think.

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Weekends around my house are often filled with board games.

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Saturday found us playing Ticket to Ride the Germany edition, because we go to Germany every summer! Other household favorites include Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan.

The sexed manual

Before I dive into the manual, I have to admit something. Not even a little teeny tiny bit.

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So I approach game play as a cognitive exercise in moving pieces around in patterns. This makes cooperative games perfect for me, although other people sometimes role their eyes at them.

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The first time I pull from a manual, I like to talk about the first lesson. It seems appropriate. The first one in Game On! Something about Sexuality.

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Green, MA, MEd. This lesson works to foster discussion and inspire group cohesion by providing a safe and creative opportunity for participants to examine their thoughts and perspectives on a wide variety of sexuality and related issues. For facilitators, this game can be used as an assessment tool to ascertain the range of perspectives in the group, identify areas that need further instruction and ascertain which topics are of most importance to the participants.

In ongoing classes, this lesson can be modified to use as prompts for in-class writing asments.

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This game, like many in this manual, provides me with a delightful sense of nostalgia for the cooperative games I played as — games that my family now teases me about. But more than anything else, Something About Sexuality reminds me of the Ungame. It provides players an opportunity to get to know each other better.

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Not to mention the benefit of being invited into this thought space for yourself. I daresay that the sexual introspection this game requires would benefit us all.

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