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Silver bard games

That should allow you to load it. Fixed an issue where variable flags broke save files.

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Amazingly, you discover that you are the only male participant this year! You are even being well paid for the privilege of sexfighting your fellow students!

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Current public version: quest for erotic development b3

The newest version of Night Games is now available to everyone. The first and most basic patron reward I offer is getting access to the game a week before it goes public. Out of fairness to them, I am going to consider that the start of the one week exclusivity window.

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The big new update for Night Games has been released to patrons. You can check it out at the link below:. This update will be available to everyone for free on Saturday, Feb This fix should address all the bugs that have been reported since the last update launched, as well as some balance issues.

Nothing in here was causing crashes, but one of the bugs was preventing completion of the Way of the Golden Cock, so definitely download it if you were planning to do that quest. Taunt does more temptation damage and is guaranteed to inflict Shamed if used from dominant position. The new update is now available to everyone.

Silver bard games - night games qed version

We were though it delayed us a day or two able to fit in all the features mentioned in the preview. If you find more issues or simply have questions and comments, make sure to visit our forum and let me know. You can download the build from either Patreon or the link below. PW Bugfix 3 is now available to everyone. This may retrigger the scene for old saves. Hi Everybody! Combatants score persistent points based on their ranking in each match Matches now have a non-random player rotation to make participation as even as possible The player is included in the rotation and will have more nights off as a result Placing first in a season will give 4 unique prizes Added Bloodhound app, gives location of a random NPC each turn Added Paddle, enhances Spank Added Nipple Clamps, dramatically increases nipple sensitivity Added Anal Be, insert be one at a time, pulling out silver bard games does massive pleasure based on of be inserted Character Roster is now handled by its own class, which is more robust and maintainable Attraction and Affection have been decoupled from the character classes and stored in a global relationship table It is now possible to gain affection with non-combat NPCs, replacing some event flags.

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Hi everyone! Hi everybody! Added Semen to high level item caches Overhauled Item Cache scaling. The next Night Games update is planned for the middle of May. For you guys who are waiting patiently, I wanted to put together a preview of some of the stuff that will be in it.

Silver bard games night games pw bugfix 3

That was our single worse UI element, so I figured it could use an overhaul. There are lots of new items added to extend the usefulness of item caches into the mid and late game. Some of them are new consumables, some are components for upgrading equipment. Using the new attachment system, there are more than 10 possible upgrades for the Excalibur over the course of the game.

If the player invests enough time and money into it, it will become an incredibly powerful weapon.

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The new upgrades will only be available at higher ranks and will require rare items only found in caches. There is some luck involved in finding the components, but upgrading will keep your toys useful in the late game. Players with Dark skills can now gain semen by masturbating, which will allow them to create Enthralling Traps like Reyka and Angel do.

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At high levels of Arcane, the normal faerie pets are replaced by royal faeries, with stronger abilities. A much requested feature, there is now an in-game list of unlockable skills when choosing Attribute points. Players will hear about the powerful Way of the Golden Cock technique from Aesop.

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If the Player can fulfill all the requirements, they will unlock a power-up that will give them a major advantage. I will say at least that all of the main girls will have night off scenes. I hope you guys are looking forward to this update. Now I need to get back to work on it. As you can see, the sprite for Lilly, the supervisor of the Games is done. However, I feel like I should replace some of the placeholder UI and art assets before releasing anything public.

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Also, a community member, tarcs, just started a poll in the forums. Stop by and vote if you have a sec. The of that poll will have a direct influence on where I will budget future writing.