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Space paws game

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Space Paws is a flash game, a mix between point'n'clickvisual novel and dating simwith furry content [1]produced by Taifun Riders [2]. In this game, a human male protagonist wakes up with amnesia in a cryopod aboard a spaceship, which is currently in a planetary system of four planets, each belonging to one race: catddogsfoxes and Lacertans reptiles. Due to mankind's unsustainable model of production, our planet Terra has been running out of its main resources.

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Space Paws is a hybrid between visual novel and point'n'click adventure game where our main character should explore new planets to find a new home for mankind. There you'll be able to meet sexy furry girls that you'll have to convince to somehow, give you permission to make humanity grow in their planet. You won't be alone because Alison - you human partner - and your robot E-Millio are with you in the spaceship.

Space Paws has more than 40 fully animated H-scenes, 4 different planets with a main furry girl on each one, and 5 easter egg girls. This is a finished project thanks to the donations of thousands of patrons. If you somehow are happy that this game exists, please consider supporting us.

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The first alpha is already available for our supporters. Log in with itch. I get inifite loading after winning strip paper scissors rock? You need to extract all the content inside the. Just extract everything and it should work. I extra created an itch.

I'm stuck on the third planet where I get infinite loading screen and cannot procced the game further. Each time I'm It kind of forces you to two endings directly. I downloaded this on Linux and don't know how to run the game I'm new to Linux.

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I downloaded it from he app and when I click he Launch button it takes me to the file location. I'm probably just an idiot but can someone tell me what to do? Hey guys, why the game stopped shortly after ended the 2days? I clicked the button on the dialogue pannel but it doesn't work! Is that bug? When getting to the first nude scene at the lake, my game was stuck on a loading screen.

How is that fixe? I'm having a glitch I have been able to do all the scene with Rosalyna and Amber with no issue. I made sure to extract all the files too.

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I haven't gotten to the other scenes yet though. Close to the fox girl ones. How do you move on from the H-Scene. All I got is the auto option and zoom.

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Have to quit the game. I'm on Rosalyn route. Am i missing something? Not that I recall, no. I pretty much tried clicking everything. Thought maybe it's a bug or something. Do you have a screenshot? Maybe I'll know what to look for then.

You can barely see them. This games ending got me sad and thoughtful. I wanted to have a silly time not catch feelings. But I'm glad i caught those feelings. Not everything is just about ME and US in a smaller perspective. We either learn and make something of us or we just wait until that games lore becomes our worlds lore. On the third day it says that it's raining on the ship and I can't progress, downloaded it off the itch app.

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We only found that bug on incognito mode. Make sure your PC is allowing Flash to storage data. Hi, been following the game for ages and even tho Im very late to the party congralutations on a well ended product, will make sure to donate when I sort out some stuff. At the moment one tries to download either of the versions the files shows as either corrupted or damaged, requiring extensive repair for some reason.

Dont know if this could be caused by a program or something, but no luck trying to redownload many times the same result at the moment of extracting. Can this be reed or this addressed on? Hey i've done everything apart from one h-scene and i think it is amber's one.

But how do you get to it? Edit: I'm really looking forward to Shuggerlain. I really like the interface you're using, and so far I'm in love with the story. There are semi-transparent arrows at the left and right border of the screen. And you can also advance with "X" key and go back with "Z" key. On the last step you'll be space paws game to cum with "C" key.

Space paws [finished] - version: final

Love this game with every bit of my heart. Although sex scenes are often kinda low-res. But it's not only the H-content that's cool here.

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The story is really entertaining and sometimes make you emotional. And hey, that a LOT! Loved this game, fantastic stories. Had i not been jaded by reality, i might have shed a couple tears at the end of a certain characters route not spoiling which character. Loved the harem endings as well. But as some people have mentioned, the saves, well I was going to show my friend this game, some scenes in particular, but when i booted up the game, there was nothing.

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No saves, no unlocked gallery, no achievements, just an unstarted game. I'm sorry about that! Sadly Flash games could be affected by software like CCleaner or similar. Saves are located on remote places of the pc and once some software "cleans" your pc, it usually removes the saves.

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Hey, Taifun Riders I was wondering that since Space Paws is now a finished project does the mean we don't have to pay to get the full experience of the game. I agree HenTie the game is amazing and when I saw how the Ending played out for each female character I even cried a little that's how good this game so Great job Taifun Riders. I'm only able to extract the rar files in the files folder to shockwave flash objects, not the folder called; Space Paws Final EXElike suggested in the instructions.

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The flash projector doesn't do anything with any of it except go black trying one of the rar files extracted to a shockwave flash object. Dude this is a lot of file jargen, I don't get, trying to get this to work haha. Im using 7-zip and the flash projector. Just open the.

You can try first without the flash projector and if that doesn't work, with the flash projector, but then we recommend the. Hope it helps. Are you 18 years of age or older? Remember my setting for this browser. Yes, I am 18 or older or Return to itch. Space Paws. More information. Download Now Name your own price. Comments Log in with itch. Neversoft9 48 days ago. Can this get a steam release?

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Taifun Riders 54 days ago. Jway 65 days ago.

Space paws [final working]

Jacs48 78 days ago 1 edit. Owo maybe add dragons?

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Surdragontamer 83 days ago. Apparently the mac version also works on android if u use a swf plawer owo.