Top 5 Biggest Bodybuilders Of All Time | No. 1 Will Shock You


Top 5 Biggest Bodybuilders Of All Time

To be the best bodybuilder, you need to be BIG and shredded. But who are the Top 5 Bodybuilders Of All Time? The mass monsters, the freakiest guys ever to compete?

Here’s my top 5 in order…

(I’ll state each guys height and weight, but they’ll be judged on how big they appear visually as a whole. As opposed to their fat-free mass score or on individual muscle groups).

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5. Big Ramy


Competition weight: 316lbs (1).

Height: 5 ft 10

…It takes a BIG man to dwarf Phil Heath.

Mamdouh Elssbiay, known as ‘Big Ramy’ is being tipped by many bodybuilding fans to take the Mr. Olympia crown away from Phil Heath due to his enormous size, particularly in his quads and back. However, his highest place finish in Mr. Olympia is 5th (in 2015).

He’s received criticism for not being in proportion; possessing huge tree-trunk legs yet tiny calves. And a huge back, but small traps.

His best pose is the double bicep, however, in other poses, he lacks thickness in his arms. His conditioning also will have to go up a notch or two if he’s going to defeat ‘the Gift’.

4. Ronnie Coleman


Competition weight: 300lbs (2)

Height: 5ft 11

Ronnie Coleman is arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time, winning 8 Mr. Olympia’s in a row. Not to mention this was in one of the greatest eras of bodybuilding, with Ronnie coming out on top against some legendary names including Flex Wheeler, Jay Cutler, Kevin Levrone, Dorian Yates and Shawn Ray.

Throughout his career, Ronnie displayed HUGE size combined with impeccable conditioning…’ The King’ was shredded to the bone.

Since winning his first Sandow trophy, Ronnie only came 2nd place once, in his last Mr. Olympia vs Jay Cutler. On the night Ronnie was nowhere near his best.

Having both of these qualities is a rare sight in bodybuilding, putting Ronnie in a league of his own.

The only criticism of Ronnie was that he wasn’t as aesthetic compared to other bodybuilders, due to his large gut. This is thought to be down to insulin and HGH use which can enlarge your internal organs (including your intestine).

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3. Victor Richards

victor-richards- Top 5 Biggest Bodybuilders Of All Time

Competition weight: 330lbs (3)

He apparently weighed 330lbs at 5ft 10 and had 24-inch arms. These stats almost seem too good to be true, but one thing for sure…

Victor Richards was an absolute monster.

He once ate 30,000 calories in a single day and was known to consume 8,000-12,000 calories on average each day (4).

Holy Moses.

When it comes to genetic freaks in bodybuilding…Victor Richards is a prime example.

Not many people have heard of Victor Richards because he never competed in a Mr. Olympia competition. He was in the same 80’s/90’s era as Dorian Yates and Muscle & Fitness editor Jeff Everson described him as the biggest bodybuilder ever.

Why Victor Richards Never Competed in Mr. Olympia…

Nobody quite knows why Victor didn’t compete in the Olympia after winning his pro card but Peter McGough (from Muscular Development) who knew him, believes he didn’t have the mental toughness to potentially lose a competition (5)…which might’ve happened on the Olympia stage, with the best bodybuilders in the world competing.

When asked the question why he didn’t compete in Mr. Olympia by a reporter, Victor replied:

In order to compete with other people, you need to compete with yourself first”.

And in an interview with Truly Huge, Paul Becker asked him the same question (with his answer below):

In 1994 at Fibo bodybuilding expo in Germany, Victor got up on stage and placed himself next to Mr. Olympia champion Dorian Yates during posing. Victor looked considerably bigger than Dorian, but we’ll never know how he would’ve fared vs the Englishman on stage when conditioning is a big factor.

It was a really close one between Victor and Ronnie on who gets a 3rd place but after looking at this awesome comparison picture of them up against each other…IMO Victor just beats him.

2. Nasser El Sonbaty

nasser-el-sonbaty- Top 5 Biggest Bodybuilders Of All Time

Competition weight: 290lbs (6)

Height: 5 ft 11

The bodybuilder from Egypt very nearly got the number 1 spot.

Nasser El Sonbaty was so big he made Ronnie Coleman look small…

And that takes some doing.

He could’ve been a great bodybuilding champion, but he struggled with his conditioning…often coming in smooth and nowhere near as shredded compared to rivals such as Kevin Levrone, Ronnie Coleman, Shawn Ray, and Dorian Yates.

Nasser, unfortunately, passed away in his sleep at the young age of 47. 1 Year previously he had been diagnosed with heart disease and kidney failure.

1. Paul Dillett (Top 5 Biggest Bodybuilders Of All Time)

paul-dillett-  Top 5 Biggest Bodybuilders Of All Time

Competition weight: 285lbs (7)

Height: 6ft 1

Although Paul’s stats seem relatively modest in comparison to the other bodybuilders in this list, he looks the biggest of them all.

Paul Dillett had the most jacked arms bodybuilding has ever seen to this day. And quite possibly he had the best arms too (although Arnold might have something to say about that). Paul was once seen in a photo with a measuring tape around his flexed arm, with the number reading 26 inches (8)

I remember seeing a picture of Paul standing right next to Dorian Yates (who is huge)…and he literally made Dorian look like a child.

Nasser El Sonbaty had bigger legs, but Paul’s top half just wins him top spot for me.

I hope you enjoyed the list! Let me know if you agree with who’s been mentioned or any names who were unlucky not to make the top 5!

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