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Vdategames the academy codes

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This first episode is mostly about establishing the location, the characters and the storyline. There are several tasks to complete on day one, but your main objective is not to get fired. This could be difficult considering the many ways you can be lead astray by a whole load of sexy girls. Set aside at least an hour to play it. Overall there are images in the game plus another 18 end cards, and 25 profile shots.

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This game should prove quite challenging. You can have a bit of fun during your first day in your new job and make it through to the end too though. I have 1 code so far… I think I know a way to get a second code, but I failed close to the end experimenting with the Maria scene. But six codes? This is going to take a while to figure out…. Any advice would be amazing. I got to the part where she asks you to help with the photoshoot the next day and then you go talk to her when she is with Didi, but every reply I give goes nowhere.

In the achievements part it says you can ask if she is single and for a blowjob. I cannot seem to get any of those options. Close the window on the CCTV software. You should be able to get up and leave the office if you have inputted both codes correctly and unlocked the camera feeds. I found some bugs in the evening in my office — I spent some time with Maria, then she left. Being obscure to avoid spoilers, but definitely something to work on.

Okay, thanks for letting me know. This has vdategames the academy codes been resolved. Any chance you could make a.

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If you are able to edit the code then just find the link to cctvcheck3. Then it will work fine.

The academy: part 3 vdategames [completed]

Username: 0 password: 0 doesnt worke anymore is this ur fault it was the only way to play the memner games. I have unlocked 2 feeds how to unlock the other 2 feeds where it says no code for these. You do only need to unlock feeds one and two. The other two feeds will become active in the next installment. I really enjoyed this one and everything looks great! Looking forward to part 2! Praise indeed. Thank you. I did want to make this game, and the subsequent parts in series, much more focused around a story that will develop and unfold the further you go into it.

Vdategames the academy part 1 codes

Not including the initial concept and character de, this first installment took about 10 weeks to create. For monitor 1, the code is in the desk For monitor 2, the code is on the clipboard with a red line under it.

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No sorry. Both of those scenarios mean that you will get caught by the Principal. Almost nothing passes her by. Worth it though…. You can get away with sneaking into the changing room and watching Megan undress and then sneak out again without getting fired though. But only if you are very careful.

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Best vdate game yet. As much fun as I had with Madison and Tara, this one was my favorite. So many great girls, so many cool new mechanics to focus on. Also, threat of getting caught with the girls is a huge plus for me.

You get the leave office prompt only from closing out of camera two. Hope this helps anyone confused. I just have a question for the codes of the end Which is the best code to begin the part 2 Do not give me the code but the character Lola Didi Principal Valentine……. The codes you have look to be the correct ones for feeds one and two in the order you have given them.

I think there is a bug. I got busted getting blown by Maria under the desk, and got ending 7. Ending 7 advised that I should not have asked Bridgette about the blow job. I never got the opportunity to ask her about it. I had the same situation. Have you played before and propositioned Bridgette?

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If so you will need to clear your browser cache before you play again. This is particularly important if you use Google Chrome. There is a check file that looks for a cookie with is added only if you have asked Bridgette about a blowjob. The only way to get Ending 7 is if that cookie is present. Restarting the game should reset all the cookies, but Chrome often over rides this.

Happened again. In Firefox. Cleared cache. In fact, I never even had the opportunity to ask her for a bj. This game is definitely top notch, but do we really only get to have sex with Maria? Was kind of hoping for more emphasis on the other girls.

Ah well, heres to hoping for it in part 2!

The academy day 2 codes

There is a bit more to the game than just the climax. The code you earn at the end will be important in part two when it comes to which girls you can be intimate with. Lola and Annie, basically. More or less them. But my personal preference for who to include into the next game is Laura or Laura and Lola as a threesome would be even better and one of the administrators I have no preference here, tho I think the principal should be saved for more towards the end, like ep 4 or 5.

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I mean Laura and Amy in the comment, not Laura and Lola. My preference for part 2 would be Lola as the next main sex scene since she expresses interest multiple times in part 1. She could then describe her encounter with you to Laura and Amy who would arrange a threesome, possibly in part 3.

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Seriously though, there are some nice ideas there and some of them might be similar to what I already have planned. Have relations with her in episode 2, and then have her relentlessly pursue and offer herself in outrageous acts of foreplay, fellatio, titjobs, etc. Accept her advances and be treated to fulfilled fantasies of a sex crazed aimed at servicing her man, but at the expense of being considered by other women in the game.

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But awesome game overall, dare to say the best on this site even! Congratulations dude! Great start to the series, DSP. Looks great, plays great. As for who my preference would be.

The academy: part 3 vdategames [completed]

As for this game, either Annie or Didi. I was really hoping for a scene with Annie when I ran into her. This game is amazing and the level of teasing for the next part is intense.

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I was really relly disappointed when i figured out there is no chance to have sex with any girls expect Maria. But with all the respect, seriously this game is perfectly prepared. Has amazing story-telling, amazing characters and lots of amazing stuff which are also amazing. Thanks for all the effort. She will return at some point though.

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I do really like working on new characters, both in terms of visual appearance and personality traits and characteristics. Maria has been a good bridging character between the Tara games and this series. Her relationship to you as the main protagonist is intended to make things a little more viable in terms of starting a new job and fitting in. I may have found a glitch.