VigRx Oil – Customer Reviews – Does This “Topical Viagra” Enhancer Works?


VigRx Oil – Customer Reviews – Does This “Topical Viagra” Enhancer Works?

We have to stumble across the VigRx Oil ads to mention that this sexual lubricant method is formulated to work in a matter of seconds absorbing quickly right through the skin immediately into the cells of a man’s organ to achieve “amazing results” of several positive features.

Yes, let’s find out exactly what this product actually does and if it really does what it claims. Read on!

Name of Product: VigRX Oil™

Official Website:

Minimum Price: 1 Year Package – $33.32/Month

Overall Rank (out of 100): 97 Points

Recommended Period Usage: Works Right Away – Instantly

Money-Back Guarantee: 100% 67 Day Money Back Guarantee 

VigRx Oil Customer Reviews

What Is VigRX Oil™ ?

The official website of this product promotes to be a “Topical Performance Enhancer” and states that it’s an advanced formula to give a better experience in a sexual related.

They mention to gain rock-solid of hardness erections immediately, powerful orgasms and increase sexual performance by just applying this VigRx Oil onto the penis.

The company of this product added to achieve fast results for satisfaction.

Unlike male enhancement pills or any other methods, have to wait for a period of time for the ingredients to hit the bloodstream then see improvements but not the VigRx Oil since it should kick in right away, as they explained.

Furthermore, the manufacturer that produced this “Topical Performance Enhancer” is the Leading Edge Health, LLC and they are recognized to actually have some of the top products in the male enhancement industry such as the VigRx Plus pills with many evidence of proof provided to back up the claims.

In fact, according to our sources, it’s the one who gained the most points out of almost 200+ products that we have reviewed.

VigRx Oil added to be approved by Healthcare Professionals which is an all natural formula and they offered to show the doctor’s approval statement.

Leading Edge Health, LLC shared that VigRx Oil has been tested for dermal safety in a laboratory according to O.E.C.D.

Therefore, it should cause no side effects and be completely effective.

VigRx Oil Official Website

VigRx Oil Ingredients

According to the product’s official website, they stated to have all natural ingredients with the freshest and pure quality herbal extracts.

They combined the formulation with no harmful compounds such as no petrochemicals or nothing artificial.

The potent sexual aphrodisiacs are :

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – Increases blood circulation and helps take oxygen around the body.
  • Muira Pauma Bark – Called as the “potency wood”, boosts sexual drive and stamina.
  • Epimedium – Known as Horny Goat Weed, stimulates the quality of erections and libido levels.
  • Hawthorn Berry – Helps maintain the strength of vessels for more blood flow to the erections.
  • Panax Ginseng – Enhances energy levels for sexual function and helps with premature ejaculation.
  • Cuscuta Seed – Improves the quality of sperm and treats men’s sexual impotence to perform better.
  • Catuaba Bark – A central nervous system stimulant and improves a sexual weakness.

All of these compounds are highly recognized to have in the top best male enhancements and they’re known from ancients years ago to cure sexual potential in many ways.

But that’s not all, we have found in the bottom of the ingredients section that they included in this formula Purified Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, Olive Squalane, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, L-Arginine HCl, Biosomes A&E Complex, Vitamin C and Natural Preservative (Sorbic Acid).

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How Does VigRX Oil™ Work?

According to the manufacturer (Leading Edge Health, LLC), all we men would have to do is simply apply this “tantalizingly silky oil” formula onto the penis skin before sexual intercourse or masturbating.

They mention using an “innovative topical delivery system” to absorb the sexual ingredients through the penis shaft (skin) directly to the male organ to target the cells of tissues immediately.

With ingredients of sexual aphrodisiacs, vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients will enhance sexual arousal to boost more blood circulation to the penis chambers which creates harder and stronger erections.

VigRx Oil formulation combined a key ingredient to moisture and modify the skin for a better feeling of sensation on both man plus his partner.

Yes, it’s a water-based formula and they promote to be 100% condom compatible.

It contains no artificial colors or fragrance, and even though they call it the Vigrx “Oil”, won’t leave the skin oily or greasy as they explained.

Since I stated previously that it should be completely safe and effective, they said that 95% of the ingredients absorb into the bloodstream right away when pills/capsules or tablets only absorbs about 5-10% percent in most cases by traveling through the digestive system.


It looks like an attractive option of product to me where If as customer user were to use the VigRx Oil and the amount of blood flowing to the erectile chambers, it should create stronger erections instantly being hard and powerful.

Since the compounds stimulate sensation and sexual desire, enhances overall sexual satisfaction.

Components in the combination of this formula will intensify orgasms potential for more pleasure and strength for stronger ejaculations. They added to boost sex drive and sexual performance.

Confidence and overall pleasure on both partners should also rise.

VigRx Oil official website stated to repair blood tissues of cells since the ingredients go directly to the male genitalia.

Improves libido function and overall penis plus sexual health.

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Overview Structure

VigRx Oil Benefits:

  • Enhances Erections Potential
  • Heightens up Sexual Arousal
  • Intensify Orgasms Strength
  • All Natural & Quality Ingredients
  • Boosts Sexual Desire + Libido
  • States to be Completely Safe
  • Easy-to-Clean: Water-Based
  • Fixes Erectile Dysfunction Issue
  • Stimulates Sexual Pleasure
  • Written logs of Testimonies
  • Increases Self Confidence
  • Non-oily or Greasy Formula
  • Sexual Power Should Rise
  • Boosts Stamina + Sex Drive
  • Doctors Endorsements
  • Improves Sexual Health
  • From Well-Respected Company
  • Moisture the Penis Skin
  • Helps with Premature Ejaculation
  • Increases Sexual Satisfaction
  • Promotes Performance Levels
  • Have its Own Official Website
  • Tested for Safety & Effectiveness
  • Instantly Effect of 95% Ingredients
  • 100% Secured and Privacy
  • Provided Proof of Structure
  • Makes Sex a lot more Fun + Enjoyable
  • Improves overall Sexual & Penis Health
  • Have a 67 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Downsides:

Folks might think it’s an “expensive” formula when other lubricant tubes are a lot cheaper but I always remember, we get for what we pay for.

We haven’t found any negative reviews or statements about this VigRx Oil since it’s chemical-free processed and tested through a lab to cause no side effects.


Since this “transdermal delivery system” are from a high-reputation company (Leading Edge Health, LLC), they provide strong customer support for all users.

Packages will be discreet with no content shown and transaction statement should appear as ““.

They do cover a 100% 60-day money back guarantee and 7 days to return if it doesn’t meet the expectation of the customer users.

A few retailer websites may carry this fast-acting of water-based oil but for the best choice, in my opinion, is to gather straight from the official website for the “original product“.

Considerations Summary

According to our sources, we have found a few reviews but none added any negative statements.

However, they actually called VigRx Oil a “topical Viagra” to enhancing strong, hard erections with increasing overall performance levels.

Rather than taking days, weeks or months for the compounds to build in our system, which is how a daily supplement of pills works, VigRx Oil should give immediate results being a non-oily or sticky residue.

In fact, myself as a customer user really found this lubricant VigRx Oil a very attractive option which I have come to a conclusion that this lube formula would be much help when performing manual exercises from the PE Bible since it boosts massive blood flow to the penis tissues and chambers instantly.

So, what I did was go straight to order the 3-month supplies and I came across a discount agreement to a get a free-extra VigRx Oil tube at the official ( website so I ended up buying the 1 month supply plus got my free tube of this formula together.

I can’t wait to squeeze a few drops to my penis and boom, a hard erection should be on action mode.

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