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Wanking game

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There are times as a game reviewer when you receive a code that you have no interest in whatsoever, but out of pure curiosity have to accept. You play as the one armed strong man named Winston Gay. The corrupt government has seized his house for wanking too loudly near his neighbors.

Now, Winston is on a mission to make everyone in the town of Gay Bay pay a price for taking away his home. Along with taking revenge on the general populace of Gay Bay, Winston has a few specific targets he wants to gift pearls to. Play various side activities like basketball and running people over in a car.

Much like Goat SimulatorWanking Simulator gives you an open sandbox to go make a mess in.

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However, there are main missions to accomplish that do take place in different levels. As you would expect, the general gameplay is over the top and a bit sloppy. Yes, along with a mana bar, you have a cum bar. Mana is used while using magic abilities and super abilities.

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Shooting out fireballs can cause massive damage to your surroundings, wanking game launch various small objects around. Knocking people out allows you to wank on them which will fill your cum meter, allowing you to use cum attacks. There is a massive cum blast that will send nearby enemies and items away, as well as a cum shower that, well, I think you get the idea. Pain cum sounds worse than it is, trust me. Within the levels there are various items and weapons you can buy, as well as vendors that sell spells and drugs. Literal baguettes with limbs that attack you. These overly stupid moments did get a chuckle out of me because of the insanity.

Review – wanking simulator

The general environments are nicely detailed from the ro, homes, grass, and various standard objects. However, once it comes to the AI and player models it is lacking big time. He is just doing the motion over his underwear. Can you believe this trickery? I feel lied to and bamboozled. There is some voice acting present in the game, but only through narration of the story points wanking game a mission.

The dude spanks the monkey so furiously that the sound effect used to beat the meat gets really tiring after just a couple minutes. You almost want him to stop wanking just to feel some relief.

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Wanking Simulator is not a good game, nor does it offer as much as Goat Simulator. It got a couple laughs out of my immature sense of humor at times, but they were cheap and fleeting. Also, I have to point out that this guy makes a game clearly not caring about beating the hell out of people and spunking on them, or shooting out knuckle children in a church.

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At this point, why would you even care? The levels and various items within it are well rendered and look like the stock engine assets. However, the people and custom effects look terrible. Gameplay: 2. Finish playing, that is.

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Sound: 1. The small bits of voice acting present is extremely poor quality, and the rest is standard sound effects of pulling pud. Nothing note worthy here. Fun Factor: 3. Obviously not for mature audiences, but there are a couple things that will get you to giggle.

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Just do yours indoors. Final Verdict: 3.

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A copy of Wanking Simulator was provided by the publisher. Beware the LSD baguette men.

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Graphics: 5. Like this: Like Loading Check these out! Loading Comments Name Website.