Did Zac Efron Take Steroids for Baywatch?


This pretty boy Zac Efron gains a lot of credential from last couple of months for this latest movie Baywatch, it’s been a rumor Zac Efron is a steroid user well there is still a big question mark on Zac Efron steroids case.

Its all because he gains rock solid muscle and burn fat at the same. its assumed that he drops down 9% to 3.5% body fat in just months, and pros claims that it only can be achieved if you are on steroids.

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You can also go for the zac efron workout routine and diet plans, but the guaranteed results can not be achieved as desired and as compare to zac efron transformation, this is the only thing which trigger me to do some research and came up with this article on Zac Efron Steroids.

Is Zac Efron On Steroids Or Natural?

First of all i really acknowledge the fact that Zac Efron have a amazing physique because he is ripped and shred and doesn’t have ton of muscle or mass with makes him a super cute and perfect as a baywatch life guard.

Although this is possible to get physique like Zac but it can only be achieved with lots of hard work and years of sweating in the gym without any drugs. And some times it can be achieved in months if you include legal steroids in your workout routine.

See What Zac Efron Has To Say About His Transformation:


As we noticed it this tweet he mention just Months Of Training. This transformation is not just a matter of month if you are not superhuman. Or you have super natural genetics which surely not in a zac efron’s case he used to be small with skinny ectomorph frame from very beginning.

Zac Efron

Take a good look at the above photo of zac you will notice a massive change in body frame too with rock solid muscle gain.

Increasing Body Hair:

Zac Effron known for baby skin with no hairs not even on legs but in this pic of him it clearly have hairs on his chest like wolverine which can be a result of shaved a day before shooting or on testosterone boosters.

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Testosterone Jaw:

Steroids use can change a facial structure too you face will become more and more manly where as it also more wider look.

Your chin will become more broad while your jaw will also get noticeably defined and bigger.Zac-Efron-before-and-after

All in all it give you a manly look which is very much attractive to women.

If you can browse on google some old pics of Zac Efron you will find a difference which we are talking about.

Zac Efron Aged Face:

Zac Efron aged face dramaticaly form 2014 to 2016, if you watch his movie  Bad Neighbours which was of 2014 and compare it will the picture of Baywatch 2016 you will notice a difference.Zac-Efron-Face-Change

As we know steroids is directly link with premature aging because several steroids can reduce collagen production which means your skin will pron to wrinkle and less elastic.

This could explain why Zac’s skin has aged so much in a such short span of time. we can say this that pretty boy zac efron is now a big hot man and looks like 40 years of age.

Zac Trained With The Rock For Baywatch:

It’s known that Zac trained with the Rock for Baywatchas we know about rock and the steroid history as he admitted that he used steroids in late 18 or 19. and he trained zac efron it means Zac could be ‘guilty by association’.

But this is not the evidence that Zac efron is on the steroids, we can take it as just a link that could increase the likelihood of him using steroids.


Final Verdict:

Its pretty hard to say that Zac Efron is on Steroids because we don’t have confirmed proofs but all above evidence shows he much likely to use steroids.

Naughty Zac!

Potential Steroid Stack:

Zac efron much likely to use these steroids as we witnessed he bulk up a little muscle and burn fat at the same time which can be done by use of Winstrol



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